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My clients are looking for the antidote to burnout and toxic workplaces because they don’t want to quit their job, suck it up, or settle for a lesser version of themselves at work.  They want to be leaders who create a purposeful culture for the people that work for them.  

I give my clients practical tools to make their work lives work better and make higher education a workplace where people can thrive.

Leadership Coaching

Reclaim Your Sanity

You know what it takes to be successful in higher education. Now you are ready to take responsibility for how you show up and lead in higher education.  

I coach leaders who are ready to take responsibility for their sanity. Deep down they know they can’t wait for their president, provost, dean, department head, or HR to do it for them. Coaching engagements focus on the influence we have over how we live and work. And with that influence comes responsibility.  

Whether you are an administrator, department head, seasoned manager, or emerging leader – you get to decide how you approach your job and your life. Coaching can give you strategies for how to not only survive but thrive at both.  

Coaching engagements focus on:

  • Self-awareness
  • Focus
  • Prioritization
  • Transparency
  • Compassion
  • Candor
  • Purpose


Sustainable change, forming new habits, and unlearning old ones takes hard work, and consistency. Engagements are most effective when they’re a minimum 3 months, meeting every 2 weeks. 


Create cultures that transform the daily grind

Your institution wants to build a truly humanized workplace – where people are seen, valued, engaged, supported, and enjoy the hell out of their jobs.

You need intelligent strategies and thoughtful guidance as you embrace wellbeing in your organization’s purpose and vision, values, people strategies and transform your work culture. 

I work with senior leadership teams to answer the question: what does wellbeing look like at the institutional level? I help create alignment and capacity around systemic cultural shifts, support programmatic efforts, and look for policy approaches that incentivize culture change and promote work/life integration.

Internal Communications & Campaigns

Amplify purpose and inspire compassion

Your communications function has the power to make staff and faculty feel valued and inspire organizational change.  

Internal communications is one of the most underdeveloped functions in higher education. Thoughtful internal communications that reflect the values and mission of an institution are what convert employee wellbeing strategy into engagement results.

I collaborate with internal communications departments, human resources teams, executive leadership, and anyone who has a hand in shaping employee experience in higher education. We work together to develop messaging, meaningful storytelling, and resources that cultivate employee engagement and reflect the importance of gratitude, appreciation, and community in the workplace.

“Flourish at Texas A&M’s success began with the visionary leadership that Jessica brings to everything that she does. She can can see a future other cannot, and then she can back up and see every step necessary to make that future a reality. ”
Former Chief Human Resource Officer
Texas A&M University

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